Breadboarding, it is not an extreme sport…

Posted: January 12, 2013 in Guides
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Making circuits and trying things out shouldn’t be difficult and with a few basic items you can get started straight away!

Prototype of H-Bridge Motor Controller on a Breadboard

Prototype of H-Bridge Motor Controller on a Breadboard (as featured in MagPi Issue 8)


For more information take a look at the:

Guide to…Breadboarding

  1. Really useful article. Living in the UK, I always buy my breadboards from ebay. I get my tools and smaller components from Maplin and I get all of my Adafruit kits from Proto-Pic (

  2. Good tip with Proto-Pic, I keep seeing Adafruit posting lots of great stuff, so a UK source would be very helpful. If you don’t have a few breadboards laying around with mystery circuits on (i.e. long forgotten) then you don’t have enough of them yet. 🙂

  3. Colin Deady says:

    Really great intro article. As you know I’m purely a software guy at present (apart from a brief foray into Lego Mindstorm – but that barely counts). I’m looking forward to trying out some straight forward electronics with my RPi. What do you reckon to SK Pang’s starter (A, B & C) sets? They seem to have pretty much everything one could want to get started all packaged up nicely.

    • Hi Colin. Yes the kits contain a good starter mix to go on. The ADC and DAC included in kit C are the same as the ones used in the GertBoard, so any guides using them will be usable with these chips. A spare breadboard is also useful.

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