Stock & General Update…

Posted: February 25, 2013 in General, Hardware Kits, RGB-LED Kit

Prototype Batch Shipped

I can confirm that all orders from the 21st Feb (last Thursday) have all been completed (most were sent on Friday) with the last few assembled units being shipped today (Monday)!

So in most cases I have managed to ship within a day or two, with a few extra days required to build and test the assembled units.  Those who are overseas, the units are on their way, but are now at the mercy of the various postal services (at least 5 working days, although I’ve had a report from Canada of it taking over 11 days!  So hang in there, they are coming.).

Already I’ve had reports of happy campers, using the kits (I’ll update here with some links soon).

The 2nd Batch

I received the parts on Saturday for the 2nd batch, and all the testing showed that these parts match well with the previous ones, so I’ve already contacted those on the waiting list and will process those orders this week.

I’ve got a small update to make to the user manual, as I’ve made some adjustments to the kit so I can avoid any extra delay in shipping (don’t worry the change does not affect any kits already shipped).  Hopefully I can start shipping this batch of kits within a day or two too.

Since I was unsure if the parts would have been suitable, I only ordered a small number of parts, so the 2nd batch sold out too.

3rd Batch

I am taking orders from the next batch of kits, with the new supplier supporting me, I have a stock of parts and will be able to process orders almost immediately.

You can now order directly using PayPal.

New Orders can be made from here.


It appears I am fast out-growing this website, as I am often fighting against the limits of WordPress regarding posting code (it often adjusts it and messes it up) and I didn’t even notice that adverts are included (WordPress add these for hosting it) since my browser filters them all out.  It also doesn’t support the Paypal buttons properly, which would allow you to purchase directly from the site, so action is needed.

Therefore, I will be looking to build a new site in the future, nothing too fancy but without the adverts, without the formatting limits and with PayPal payments.

I am open to ideas on this, so feel free to contact me with suggestions.

UPDATE: I have found a way to provide direct PayPal payments, so the checkout and ordering process should be super easy!

New Orders can be made from here.

The MagPi

I have lots of new posts planned, but as you can imagine not a lot of spare time at the moment, particularly as I am also attempting to continue to support the MagPi team who are working incredibly hard at the moment to meet all the commitments that have been made.

I can confirm 1st hand, the whole MagPi have been working stupid/crazy hours to get everything done this month, and have been facing up to a lot of difficult challenges in order to complete everything.

There is still a lot to be done, but progress is being made every day, so please continue to give them your patience and your encouragement, for what has been (and is still to be) a very busy month for all!

As always, the MagPi is available to view online or download for FREE from

Finally A Thank YOU!

If I wore a hat, I would tip it to all of you!

The Raspberry Pi community has matured into a wonderful place, with many many wonderful people and companies involved, all working towards bringing new knowledge and skills to others.  I have met a lot of superb people who are all doing great things, please remember they all are being driven by the support of the community, and that is you!

All I can say is keep it up, keep sharing your enthusiasm and help open up this incredible world to everyone young and old (and in between).  Every time you do, you will create sparks, and I’m sure in years to come, they will thank you for starting them off on “a most excellent adventure” (to quote 80’s “Bill and Ted“).

Thank you to everyone who has given me support too, I really appreciate it.


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