No more excuses, get your Pi out!

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Guides

Had a chance to try the Pi?

I’ve spoken to many people about using the Raspberry Pi, what they do and when and how they use it.  Often, the answer is, “I’ve been meaning to do it”, “I need to find time and connect it up to the TV” or “I’ll have to set it up in the spare room sometime”.

It is strange since, nobody thinks twice about booting up the laptop or switching on their phone and spending a few hours doing stuff on there, so the Raspberry Pi should be no different.  I think one of the things people have issue with, is that they are not used to sitting down in a specific place/room and simply using a computer, or are put off by taking over the living room TV or perhaps putting the family PC offline by stealing the keyboard and screen.

It is easier than you think!

The thing is, once you have a few useful tools and programs enabled, you don’t always need a screen, a keyboard or a mouse… In fact, you can often get away with just power and a network connection, and then just use a convenient laptop, phone, tablet or computer…  Your Raspberry Pi doesn’t even need to be in the same room (or in some cases even the same country if you get really fancy).

Lots of solutions…

For a range of solutions, take a look at my new:

Guide to…Remote Connections

In particular, I would recommend taking a good look at the section on X-11 Forwarding, it has surprised me at how useful and easy it was (and how little is it mentioned).

Anyway, you can tell everyone else and look super smart, try doing something like that with MS Windows (if you can, then I would love to know)!

Leafpad through X11-Forwarding

Leafpad through X11-Forwarding

I hope to continue to build and develop the page to provide information and links to help everyone get connected and using their Raspberry Pi’s.

So no more excuses, get your Pi out of the drawer and start using it TODAY.

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