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Posted: March 12, 2013 in General, News

The GPIO cables are back in stock!

You should now be able to order RGB-LED Kits B and D from the shop, which include the GPIO header cable.

RGB-LED Educational Kit with optional RPi GPIO Pins to Pin Header Connector Cable (Self-Solder Kit B/Assembled Kit D).

Lesson Extra Credit Solutions

I’ve posted one possible solution for the extra credit section in Lesson 0.  I shall follow this up with a solution for Lesson 1 very soon.

Update: Extra Credit solution for Lesson 1 is now available too. 

New Lesson – Coming Soon

I know many of you are keen to have a crack at the next lesson.

Don’t worry it is also on it’s way, I’ve departed slightly from my planned list, since I decided to try out something new with the kit.

My initial experiment appeared to work well, so the next lesson will take all that a step further, while adding some more very useful python skills in to the mix.  I’ll post more details once I’ve completed the python code and I can confirm that it really does work as well as I hope it will (with photos!).

I may also insert a smaller lesson in beforehand, if we need to use some more advanced python to achieve the result I am after.

New Hardware – In Development

I also have some new hardware which I’ve been working on, several in the design and prototype stages.  However, there is one that I have in the testing phase which is looking very promising.  Of course it will come with the same level of detailed assembly and user guide which come with all the other kits!

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