Multi-Colour RGB LED Workshop @Bristol Science Centre Tomorrow

Posted: April 19, 2013 in General, News, Raspberry Pi, RGB-LED Kit

Multi-Colour LED Workshop

The Multi-Colour RGB LED kit connected to a Raspberry Pi

I’m really looking forward to the workshop tomorrow where we will be setting up the RGB-LED Units and learning GPIO, Python and perhaps even some Scratch (if we have time).

If you are in Bristol (UK) tomorrow, then make sure you grab one of the remaining tickets for FREE and get some Raspberry Pi training at the BCS Bootcamp!  I’ll see you there (along with The MagPi, Bristol University and PiCars to mention a few).

For more details see the following link:

Raspberry Pi @Bristol Boot Camp

As part of the workshop, I’ve written two more lesson’s for the Multi-Colour RGB LED Kit, which will join all the others on the site in the next few weeks (just see the bar at the top for the full list).  Yet more python skills!

Our very colourful RGB-LED Rainbow!

Our very colourful RGB-LED Rainbow!

Don’t forget you can order your own kit, from the Shop!

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