Posted: May 11, 2013 in Guides, Other Products, Raspberry Pi

New Guide to…

using the nook Simple Touch as a remote eink Raspberry Pi screen

The nook simple touch...done!

The nook simple touch…done!

What does this achieve?

Hacking the nook Simple Touch provides a low power touch-screen for the Raspberry Pi by using VNC over wifi (USB connection may be possible at some point) as well as SSH terminal access.

VNC and SSH will allow you to control the Raspberry Pi remotely over the network.  VNC will create a new remote session, rather than controlling the local session which may be displaying on the locally connected screen (this is different to when you use VNC on windows for example).

VNC allows control of the desktop.  Such as editing MagPi files using Scribus!

It should also be possible to control XBMC (Raspberry Pi media centre) and  send specific SSH commands via custom Android apps if required.

Essentially, you get a low power screen, with touch input and the flexibility of Android all rolled into one!

Oh, and you can fill up the memory with useful programming books, datasheets and code examples for those times when your Raspberry Pi is offline, but you still need your hacking/geek fix.

See the full guide here:

New Guide to…using the nook Simple Touch as a remote eink Raspberry Pi screen


Thanks for all the votes so far on what you’d like me to post next, I shall certainly get to work on a new GPIO Python lesson and post it as soon as it is ready (I know just the thing to cover!).  Keep voting though, since I shall check back and will pick the next item off the list to follow up with.

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