MagPi Birthday Presents!

Posted: May 13, 2013 in General, Raspberry Pi, RGB-LED Kit, The MagPi Magazine

We all love Birthdays (well at least until the number of years get too high)!

Happy 1st Birthday to the MagPi

Latest MagPi with Massive Birthday Competition

As some of you may know the Raspberry Pi celebrated their 1st year of selling the Raspberry Pi during the ‘Witching Hour’ of 28th Feb this year (having released on 29th Feb 2012) and selling well over 1 million units in their first year.

This month it was the turn of the MagPi, as one of its founders I am very pleased to see we made it through a whole year.  Massive credit to the whole team, each and everyone have put in crazy hours at some stage or another to get the magazine produced and I really feel the results are well worth it.  It is important to remember that it is down to the combined effort of the team from all over the world, that the melting pot of skills produces such an excellent result.

Anyway, as proud of the magazine as I am, please do make up your own mind about it and feel free to read, share and hopefully enjoy its content with as many as you can (the whole point of the magazine is to share the skills/knowledge/enthusiasm which drives the Raspberry Pi community as a whole).

We encourage contributions, feedback and assistance from the community, as we want you all to have a magazine which you can all be proud of too!  Contact details:

If you don’t already know by now, the magazine is 100% FREE to download (from or view online at (in HTML5/Flash).  There are 12 Issues of Raspberry Pi filling, and a new issue is released at the beginning of each month, so don’t miss the next one!

You can follow @TheMagP1 on twitter (or more informally from the team @MagPiTeam).

Also, if you like to hear about what I am up to too then I am on twitter too @RSSTab (and I will be using @PiHardware for this site).

Birthday Presents…for you!

The MagPi, being the community spirited folks we are, decided a Magazine does not need fancy presents for its Birthday!

With the thought in mind that “there would be no point in the magazine without the Readers to read it”, all the presents we received are being given to 15 lucky readers (simply enter the competition via the MagPi site).  There is over £1000 worth of Raspberry Pi goodness to Win…

Aside from all the other prizes which are available (which are extensive), I am very pleased to say there are x5 RGB-LED Self-solder Kits (including GPIO cable & user manual) in the pile of prizes from me!

This is my own thank you to everyone for supporting the MagPi and also the Meltwater’s Raspbery Pi Hardware site (which is my way to share and develop accessible hardware and software for everyone to enjoy with the Raspberry Pi).

RGB-LED Kit with GPIO Cable.

So if the presents from your last Birthday didn’t quite cut the mustard (or you simply can’t wait for your next birthday), then why not enter the competition and see if you can get your share of the MagPi Birthday bundle!

You might well win, and end up wearing a big Birthday style smile all month.

  1. AndrewS says:

    “celebrated their 1st year… (having released on 29th Feb 2011)”
    Umm… maths fail 😉

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