BCS Raspberry Pi Bootcamp – A Thank You! Plus the “110% Raspberry Pi related project” is revealed.

Posted: September 29, 2013 in General, My Book, News, Raspberry Pi

Just a very quick note to say thanks to everyone for an excellent day on Saturday.  It was a blast!

Thanks to the organisers, the attendees, all the parents and teachers and of course the very enthusiastic kids.

From what I could tell the demos went down very well, Darwin was keeping a close eye on everyone and the build-your-own traffic lights were all built to an exceptionally high standard.

I loved talking to everyone, and meeting so many people keen to give things a go and do some interesting stuff with the Raspberry Pi.  Great to see lots of teachers asking for info and resources, hopefully we can help where we can.  Feel free to get in contact, always great to hear how people are getting on.

As most of the people I met there know (I was a little excited!), my project I’ve been working on is keeping me very busy (still work to be done before it is ready), but I can now announce it!  [It went live on Friday night]

The 110% Raspberry Pi related project…

I will post a much more detailed post on it when I get time, but those wanting a sneaky look:


Needless to say, I am overjoyed to get my project to this stage, and I really hope that everyone can enjoy it even a fraction of how much I have had creating it.  As I said to a lot of people on Saturday, I have tried to pack in everything I possibly could to make the Raspberry Pi shine.  Having followed this little computer from the start (I emailed Eben back in May 2011 asking “What ways can/could I get involved?”), I’ve always wanted to share with everyone what this little device is capable of, from working on the wiki, helping on the forums, to co-founding the MagPi, to creating hardware kits and tutorials…

Anyway, back to work…

…oh there is also a discount code which runs out tomorrow (Monday 30th Sept) – BIG50 50% OFF electronic versions (including pre-orders).

[HUGE THANKS to everyone who has been assisting me with the project, as always the Raspberry Community is as awesome as ever]


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