New Guide to…Ways to connect to a Raspberry Pi

Posted: March 17, 2014 in Guides, Raspberry Pi

Introducing a new series of guides…

This guide will focus on exploring the many ways in which the Raspberry Pi can be used.  In the guide I will show you some neat tricks you can keep your Raspberry Pi available to you wherever you go.


The idea for this guide occurred to me when I forgot to bring a network cable with me, and I had to look through my “bag of goodies” to determine how else I could connect and make use of the Raspberry Pi.  At the time I counted 6 other ways I could have used it.

First we will cover the basic  methods of connecting to and using the Raspberry Pi, but I will keep revealing more methods (and guides) which cover the more unusual but also exceptionally useful ways in which you can use your Raspberry Pi.

I currently have 12 ways planned (the 1st 5 are the most obvious ones), but I expect there will be more by the time I have written all the guides.

If you connect with the Raspberry Pi in an unusual way then let me know (@pihardware or via my contact info)…if I’ve not got it on my planned list I’ll be sure to mention you and add it to the list.

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