It is DONE! The book is complete.

Posted: April 13, 2014 in General, My Book, Raspberry Pi

I am pleased to announce that I finished the last edits on the final copy of the book this week and it has been sent off to the publishers.

Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmers

First of all, I would like to thank the many people who have supported me through the creation of the book, it has been a mammoth task to undertake.  When I first started this project I had no idea how much it would take over everything to achieve it.

At various times the book has impacted on all aspects of my life, writing it while away on family holidays (even when in a tent!), times when I’ve been travelling, at family events, most evenings/weekends week in and week out.  I have been fortunate to have very supportive family, work and friends.  I am incredibly grateful for their support and understanding during this time.

However, having the book complete and being able to look back on all the topics covered, the examples and projects it includes and I wouldn’t have believed when I set out to write “A Raspberry Pi book that I would want to read” that I would be able to produce such a result.

I really hope that everyone will enjoy reading (and using) it as much as I have had writing it.


But it is there, an epic road-trip through what the Raspberry Pi represents to me, it has been an amazing journey and I look forward to hearing all about everyone elses adventures as you all take a trip through the land of Raspberry Pi on your own adventure!


Order Now!

I am told that the book will be published in April, including the printed versions.

As a bonus, it will be bigger than advertised, weighing in at a whopping over 390 pages (originally planned around 350!).


You can also get it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Safari Books, O’Reilly (see the Packt site for details).

  1. CRImier says:

    Oh my god, that’s amazing. I guess I’ll get myself a copy. Thank you, I’m sure there’ll be some info for me to get!

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