Introducing my new hardware kit!

Posted: April 24, 2014 in D-pad gane controller, Hardware Kits, My Book


D-Pad / Game Controller Learning Module Hobby/Education Kit for Raspberry Pi



This kit is one of the hardware items used in Chapter 6 -Using Python to Drive Hardware of the new book.

For more details, see the product page and visit the PiHardware shop for details on how to purchase it.

D-Pad Controller

This will allow us to cover inputs in some new lessons.  Also, the user manual includes example code to allow you to map keyboard commands to the D-Pad buttons, converting it into a handy little game controller or keypad.

As always, the kit comes with an extensive user manual with clear and detailed instructions, explaining the design and function through to assembly and testing.

So with or without the book the kit should make an excellent project.

For your comfort, a thick foam backing is supplied for those extended gaming sessions!


I would like to add, that it has undergone extensive testing with the Spectrum version of Bruce-Lee (Datasoft/US Gold 1984), via Fuse!  Many an hour spent completing the original game some time ago.

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