Ch8 – From the book…Stop-frame Animation!

Posted: May 8, 2014 in General, My Book, Raspberry Pi

From the book…Stop-frame Animation!

I learnt so many new things during the course of writing the book, many of which I wanted to share with my kids to enjoy (but due to the tight deadlines this was often not possible).

Now that the mammoth task of the book has been completed it I thought it only fair I spent some doing some of the activities with them.

Early Saturday morning, ready for the workshop!

@Bristol Science Center is an excellent place to visit

As it happens, we visited @Bristol a few weekends ago (readers of previous posts will know this is the home of the Bristol Digi-Makers events, which we attend for the MagPi stand), this time though we were visiting the science center which is its main purpose.

We had a fab time, but it was an ultra busy weekend so we were unable to have a go on the Aardman Animation desks (Aardman amongst other things were responsible for Nick Park’s Wallace and Gromit).

Thankfully, it is something which a Raspberry Pi with a camera module can achieve and one of the things I’ve been wanting to do anyway.

Chapter 8 – Creating Projects with the Raspberry Pi Camera Module – Recipe – “Creating a stop frame animation”

The project was done using “Chapter 8 – Creating Projects with the Raspberry Pi Camera Module” of my Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmers book, which has a full recipe called “Creating a stop frame animation”.

Find out how we got on at the following page…Ch8…Example: Creating a stop frame animation

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