Digimakers 14th June 2014 – PiStops – Introduction to Scratch GPIO Workshop

Posted: June 13, 2014 in General

I will be attending the Digimakers event Saturday and running a workshop.

The workshop will be using an exciting new prototype board called PiStop!


The attendees will be the first to use the new board and I will be keen to see what everyone thinks about it!

I will add more details on the board soon (since I still have workshop material to prepare) – I have lots of juicy details on how the board works, the different ways it can be used and the whole idea behind it.

The workshop will be using Simon Walters (@cymplecy) excellent Scratch GPIO:


 Getting Setup!

For those who are attending, here is a link to the setup PDF, which will detail the setup steps for the workshop.

Setup:Scratch GPIO (PDF)

There isn’t much to setup, you will just need a standard Raspbian image and a single file (available from here: http://goo.gl/Pthh62).

Obviously if you are able to download it onto your Raspberry Pi ready, then it will save time and hassle in the actual workshop, you can do this with the following command:

sudo wget http://goo.gl/Pthh62 -O install_scratchgpio5.sh


Don’t panic if you are not sure what you need to do yet, there will be help at hand on the day and plenty more information available if you need it.


Other Equipment…

You will need your Raspberry Pi, Power Supply and SD-Card.  Plus a screen/keyboard/mouse (some will be available) or laptop (see below):

There will only be a limited number of screens/keyboards/mice available, so if you have a laptop (it will need built-in wired network socket, most do) please bring it along and I will be able to show how to directly connect to your Raspberry Pi.

Again, if you can try this before the workshop then you will be good to go straight away.

Details here: https://pihw.wordpress.com/guides/direct-network-connection/

Connect and use your Raspberry Pi with just a Network Cable, SDCard and Power!

Connect and use your Raspberry Pi with just a Network Cable, SDCard and Power!

You will also need to install Putty and Xming on your laptop (to allow you to connect and display Raspberry Pi desktop programs on your screen):

Download and run http://sourceforge.net/projects/xming/ from the Xming site.

NOTE: If you have VNC setup or know how to find your Raspberry Pi on a network, then you can use that if you prefer.



The workshop plan

Going with the RED, YELLOW, GREEN theme the workshop material is split into three stages: setup, learning and experimenting:


  1. RED: Setup: Scratch GPIO (workshop version) – Explains how to setup Scratch GPIO
  2. YELLOW: Explore and Challenge Scratch GPIO: Pi-Stop First Steps – Introduces how to use Scratch and using Scratch GPIO. If you are already familiar with Scratch you can skip this.
  3. GREEN: Explore and Challenge Scratch GPIO: Pi-Stop Traffic Sequence – Create your own traffic light sequence and learn how to use Scratch GPIO with the Pi-Stop.
  4. GREEN: Explore and Challenge Scratch GPIO: Pi-Stop Reaction Game – How fast are your reflexes? Test your reaction time with the Pi-Stop Reaction game.
  5. GREEN: Explore and Challenge Scratch GPIO: Pi-Stop Simon Memory Game – Challenge your memory and get the highest score!




I will have some copies of my book available to buy (a great Fathers day gift!), plus a selection of my kits, so your Raspberry Pi fun can continue when you get home.

I look forward to meeting everyone, and I hope you all have an excellent day!



Not able to make the workshop?

Don’t worry, I will also be making all the workshop material and lots more supporting material freely available after the event (via github in markdown format & as generated PDFs).

The aim will be to build a resource of materials which anyone can download, adjust and use for their own workshops, classes or just at home in their own projects.

Hopefully people will also add their own materials, and also adapt them for other similar boards/kits.

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