Digimakers 14th June 2014 – PiStops – Workshop Materials!

Posted: June 15, 2014 in General

First off, a big thank you to everyone who came to the workshop, I hope everyone had a wonderful time.

The whole Digimakers event was absolutely amazing, had a really great time, huge thank you to all involved (organisers, people running workshops/showing things off, and of course the people who came along!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take many photos so I shall have to let other’s document all the wonderful things that were happening.  However, I did promise I would post up the materials for the workshop, and this is the purpose of this post!


It was great to see the response to the Pi-Stop, the workshop material and to meet so many great people.


My focus now is to get all the workshop materials loaded on to the website, the PDF files are below.

As mentioned before we had a REDYELLOWGREEN theme for the workshop material.




The files are stored on a new GitHub repository:


  1. REDSetup: Scratch GPIO (workshop version) [PDF] – Explains how to setup Scratch GPIO
  2. YELLOWExplore and Challenge Scratch GPIO: Pi-Stop First Steps [PDF] – Introduces how to use Scratch and using Scratch GPIO. If you are already familiar with Scratch you can skip this.
  3. GREENExplore and Challenge Scratch GPIO: Pi-Stop Traffic Sequence [PDF] – Create your own traffic light sequence and learn how to use Scratch GPIO with the Pi-Stop.
  4. GREENExplore and Challenge Scratch GPIO: Pi-Stop Reaction Game [PDF] – How fast are your reflexes? Test your reaction time with the Pi-Stop Reaction game.
  5. GREEN: Explore and Challenge Scratch GPIO: Pi-Stop Simon Memory Game [PDF] – Challenge your memory and get the highest score!

The worksheet is also available here:  Workshop Worksheet [PDF]

Generally once we got through the RED stage, everyone flew through the rest of the material and there was lots of additional programs being written, new experiments and lots of great stuff being done!


I will be posting up more information about the Pi-Stop very soon (it deserves a proper introduction), including all the source files used for the workshop (I want the materials to be open and available so it is easy for people to modify and adjust them to suit their own needs and requirements).  For example, it would take very little to adapt the material to work for any traffic light/3 LED type board/kit.

In fact, I have some cunning ideas regarding that which may work nicely for making the material even easier to adapt (shall have to wait and see if it works).

As soon as I have more information regarding availability of the Pi-Stop I shall let everyone know.

If you are interested in classroom packs, or would like additional information then feel free to contact me:



Finally, many thanks for a most excellent day!

Tim Cox.


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