Pi-Stop – Updates, new materials and a new product!

Posted: September 17, 2014 in General

Pi-Stop – Updates, new materials and a new product!

The Pi-Stop and the Pi-Stop Stands are now available from the 4Tronix website.

The Pi-Stop

Pi-Stop Support for “Plus Models”

The introduction of the model B+  (see my previous post “Fresh Pi” for more details) conveniently adds two additional locations for the Pi-Stop, which we will call Location A+ and Location B+.

New Pi-Stop “Plus Model” locations

Pi-Stop “Original Model” locations
You will notice that Locations A to D remain totally unaffected, so you can continue to use the same guides and examples on any model or variant of the Raspberry Pi.

New – RGB-LED and DPad “Plus Model” Support

I’ve now updated the user manuals and guides for the RGB-LED kit and the DPad Kit so “Plus Model” users can easily connect and use them. The kits are fully compatible with ALL variants of the Raspberry Pi.

Pi-Stop GitHub Updates

I’ve updated the Pi-Stop Git Hub workshop files to include details for both models:


In the development branch I’ve started to experiment with a special method of customising the markdown pages, this will allow me (and users) to create easy to adjust workshops and smooth out the process of publishing the workshops both here (or if anyone else wishes to publish them) and on GitHub.

New Guides

I’ve been busy thinking up some great new ideas for some more workshop materials, including some with Pirate and Secret Agent themes!

Of course I would welcome any additional feedback on the current materials too. If you use them let me know how you get on!

And finally…

We also have a little surprise from the 4tronix foundry…

4Tronix PiStop Road Crossing preview!

4Tronix PiStop Road Crossing preview!

Looking forward to writing some guides and tutorials (and games!) for it.


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