Custom Markdown Conundrum!

Posted: October 13, 2014 in General

Greetings all!

I’ve been very busy working on the development branch of the Pi-Stop github recently trying to crack the issue of providing customised Markdown documents.  I wanted Markdown documents which can be reconfigured quickly and easily for specific workshops and to allow me to automatically generate versions which I can drop on to the website.  This isn’t supported as part of Markdown, so I had to get a little creative!

If you take a look in the bar above you will find a whole new section under the Lessons heading called Pi-Stop Workshops (I’ve moved all the RGB-LED Lessons into a sub-section too so we can stay organised).  These are all generated directly from the github Markdown files!

I’ve created a way for the source Markdown files to be edited and adjusted but still allow optional/custom sections to be included, as well as support for inserting external links for the images.

I’ll not bother going into the detail here, since I’ve documented how it is done in the github (see the document).  Currently, the file generation is only supported on windows at the moment, but if anyone wants to use it on Linux/Raspberry Pi then let me know and I’ll create some suitable scripts.

This means all the workshops and lessons can be written once in a simple Markdown editor and then all the various variants automatically generated (including a web_version to be posted to the website).  The files can also be easily adapted for a particular event or a particular school as and when required.

Let me know if you use the workshops and let me know if you have any improvements you’d like to see added!


My little girls go with the Pi-Stop and the Traffic Light workshop Great work!

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