More Pi-Kitchen Recipes!

Posted: December 28, 2014 in General

PiKitchen Work on the Pi-Kitchen continues, here are the latest (and very useful) recipes added to the collection:

004-No Raspi Config

This recipe allows the raspi-config program which normally runs on first power up to be stopped from running (otherwise this may cause our automated startup scripts not to run/cause the Raspberry Pi to need user input).

For more details see…Recipe: 004-No Raspi Config


This recipe allows the Wifi to be pre-configured using the Pi-Kitchen so that the Raspberry Pi is able to connect to your wifi network on first boot.

Note: This particular recipe does require a working wired network connection, for off-line installation of wifi drivers see the next recipe (Recipe: 006-Wifi Driver Configuration).

For more details see…Recipe: 005-Wifi

006-Wifi Driver Configuration

This recipe allows the Wifi Drivers to be installed as part of the Raspberry Pi first boot.  This allows the Raspberry Pi to automatically install the Wifi Drivers, configure the Wifi settings and connect when it starts up.

Note: Although this requires a little more configuration upfront it does mean you do not need to connect to the internet to install the Wifi drivers.  This recipe allows the driver files to be stored on the SD-Card so the Wifi can be setup without needing a wired network connection (just power up and wait for it to install).

For more details see…Recipe: 006-Wifi Driver Configuration

These three recipes (particularly the last one) mean that once you have a properly configured Pi-Kitchen SD-Card you can put it into your Raspberry Pi, add the Wifi dongle and power it up.  It will then install everything needed for it to connect to your Wifi network, allowing you to use remote connections to control it from another computer on your network.

Note: If you configure your router to allocate an IP address based on the MAC address (a unique id for the device), the Raspberry Pi will end up with the same IP address each time (for a particular Wifi dongle). So the address stays with the dongle (even if you connect it to a different Raspberry Pi).

Model A Plus Wifi Setup

Pi-Kitchen can auto-configure the Wifi so it is up and running on first boot!

This is such a useful setup and is perfect for the new Model A+!

Testers Wanted:

If you spot anything, or something doesn’t quite seem to work as it should then please let me know. While I test things as much as I can, I only have so much time available so sometimes I will miss things.

If you have different Wifi adaptors available which you have tested with the recipes then send me the details and I can add them to the Pi-Kitchen.

I’m keen to make the Pi-Kitchen as easy as possible to use, so any problems get in contact.

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