Another New Raspberry Pi is released and a new Update for the Pi-Kitchen

Posted: February 8, 2015 in Pi-Kitchen, Raspberry Pi

The Pi-Kitchen project

The Pi-Kitchen is evolving from the manual process of placing files in the correct places to become a little easier to use (while still retaining the full flexibility it offers). The first stage of creating an initial collection of recipes is completed (lots more to come!), and now there is a brand new component, the “Bake” scripts.

The scripts are a stepping-stone to the final GUI I have planned for the Pi-Kitchen (this allows me to better understand what will be needed in the GUI and to ensure the system is suitable).

There is still a small amount of manual setup to get started, but it is now fairly minimal with the majority of the “Baking process” automated.


Check out the “baking” script on the Start Baking page, creating a full Raspberry Pi set-up right out of the box.


The new Raspberry Pi 2

What a surprise the release of the new powerful Raspberry Pi 2 was!  A quad-core ARMv7 cortex chip with the already awesome GPU and double the RAM thrown in to boot.

The new Pi2 is particularly interesting, for two reasons.

  1. For those of you who have looked at my book (Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmers) I dedicated  the whole of Chapter 5 to creating 3D worlds using the excellent Pi3D libary.

Chapter 5 of the Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmers is all about the hidden gem of the GPU.


While the 3D aspect of the examples showed the true power of the Video Core GPU, it did show that the original Raspberry Pi struggled with the calculations to feed the GPU with the data it needs to build complex 3D environments on the fly.  Once the 3D environments were built, the Raspberry Pi transformed into a high-speed smooth machine, allowing you to waltz around beautiful 3D environments without a stutter or blip.

I can’t wait to see how a much faster quad-core Raspberry Pi will do justice to the GPU…roll on the fun!

  1. A key element for the future of hardware and therefore programming and software design is managing multiple cores and multiple threads far more effectively and efficiently.  The new Raspberry Pi will provide an excellent opportunity for people to experience this, at a grass-root level and I feel this will be pivotal for the next generation of engineers.  This aspect of the new Raspberry Pi will be excellent to explore.

Oh, and it looks like the Pi-Kitchen also works with the new NOOBS 1.3.12 version which supports the Raspberry Pi 2 (although no doubt there will be the odd tweak here and there).

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