I am one of the founders of the Raspberry Pi Community Magazine: The MagPi.

I am keen to help people to become interested and to learn about engineering and all the fantastic things it can offer.

The kits which I design are specifically for this purpose, to allow the Raspberry Pi to be used with simple electronic circuits which in turn are made up of simple parts.  The idea is to show that by using very basic building blocks, in hardware and software we can create complex and exciting projects.  By using prototype strip-boards, and discrete components, the circuit is there to see and each kit will include a detailed explanation of how the circuit works and the purpose of the given components.

Even the most complicated engineering project, can be broken down into some very simple elements, this is where the engineering comes in, to combine and control these elements to do something useful or interesting!

Questions and Mistakes:

We all make mistakes and I know I do, so if you spot something you think is incorrect or you simply would like to know more detail, then please let me know.

I want to keep improving material on this site, so if something isn’t clear to you then it probably won’t be for someone else, and if something doesn’t work, then I’ve probably missed something!

Any questions or comments then please feel free to contact me directly:

Out of stock?:

If you are after a specific kit, which is not in stock then please  register your interest by emailing me at the address below, with your required kit (and any optional extras), and your shipping address.  I will then add you to the waiting list, or let you know when the item will be back in stock:


You can get regular updates on the site or just say hi to me on twitter via:

@PiHardware – Twitter for the site

@RSStab – My own Twitter

  1. dhardingham says:

    When will the next lesson for the RGB-LED Kit be published? I need some more inspiration.

    • The plan is to get some time this weekend to generate some new lessons and challenges for the RGB-LED Kits (need a good few hours solid to get the groundwork done), hopefully some useful stuff from the next few topics on my list.
      Also planning a fun scratch one at some stage too (hope to make use of my young in-house beta tester for that – it may have to involve princesses – with optional robots). Will see!

  2. kannan says:

    I’ve just seen all your projects , its really good and cool . can you suggest me how to deal with xbee to send data remotely to glow LED from scratch.

    • I’ve not used the Xbee yet (I have one module, but nothing to send it to, which is annoying!).
      From what I’ve seen, Xbee works like a virtual serial device, so you should be able to send data using python (this may help with that although I’ve not tried it – just searched).

      Now you say “scratch” do you mean using scratch programming language? If so, you should be able to use the modification I made in to send the commands via Scratch (once you have them working directly from python). Let me know, and I can post the files and instructions for installing if required.

  3. kannan says:

    where do i have to modify these necessary changes?And i forgot to say one thing that i’ve been working on arduino .

    • Once you have installed the scratch-gpio handler by SimpleSi, you should end up with a folder called “simplesi_scratch_handler” in the home directory. The files mentioned in the guide go in there.
      Planning an article on installing and using the universal translator part (lesson 4), but yet to find time to complete it yet (hence why that detail is missing).

  4. salem says:

    i really need help could someone help me please

  5. dhouha says:

    Hello Sir

    I saw your “My PCF8591P test board (sorry too much of a mess to copy)” but I welly have to copy it; help me please

    Thank you 🙂

  6. Joe Day says:

    This is not a comment but a query on how to get hold of one of your SD disks preconfigured with ScratchGPIO. Look forward to your reply. Many thanks. Joe Day

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