I have put a lot of work into providing a full package of information with my kits, and I am very pleased to receive some excellent feedback from people who have brought them.

Thank you for the very kind words, it is very encouraging to find that all that effort is worthwhile.

The whole purpose of the kits are to get people trying out new things with the Raspberry Pi, I’ve tried to cover everything I can think of but if you are unsure or need help then let me know.  I want everyone to be able to do it!

As always, any questions then please contact me, as I will be more than happy to help.

Modern Art "Leftovers" by Fellow MagPi Chris Stagg.

Modern Art “LED Kit Leftovers” by Fellow MagPi Chris Stagg.

General Customer Feedback

I received my RGB-kit (and PSU-kit) this morning – the instructions are *very* comprehensive, a proper overview of the whole thing, not just a basic “solder this part into this hole, and figure everything else out for yourself” that some other people do. And pre-bending the component leads too [PSUKit] is a great idea Highly recommended! – A. Scheller

I received the package today, how fast! Thanks very much, this package and your tutorials really help learning 🙂 – J. Borst

I have dusted off my soldering iron and somehow assembled the kit without burning down my house (an achievement for me!), and am glad to say that it works fine – I had a little disco earlier with it. It’s the first bit of hardware I’ve added to my Pi since I got it a year ago, so thanks for encouraging me to dig it out.
I am a computing teacher, and may well end up using it with my GCSE class once they finish their coursework as something fun for them to do for their last weeks of school. – S. King

Your kit turned up yesterday and is now built and running your script. I had developed a couple of my own scripts to use with your python library and had a great time yesterday, running the scripts I have written, finding they don’t work and then fixing them. I am new to programming and this is my first bit of ‘physical computing’ and I am enjoying it immensely. So I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for developing the kit and wish you all the best. – C. Seddon

eBay Feedback:

“Great item, fast delivery, excellent documentation. Many many thanks”
“Smashing little project.”
“Great kit. Excellent instructions. Fast delivery. Thank you.”
“Excellent kit , quick delivery , thanks”
“Quality power supply from a quality seller .”
“Fast delivery. Really nice kit with very clear instruction.”

Web Links

Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Blog Post – Meltwater’s RGB LED libraries lesson

Sean Clark’s Raspberry Pi Web Server with RGB LED Feedback,62182.html

Chipz0r’s  Xmas 4 All Site using 5V DC-DC PSU

  1. JeffP says:

    The image below the “basic stripper” on this page: is broken.

  2. Nigel MacLeod. says:

    I wanted to try your Pi Kitchen, but the link for NoobsConfig does not work, unless I am doing something wrong.

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