HDMI to DVI/VGA to PC Monitor/TV

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HDMI to DVI/VGA to PC Monitor/TV

The HDMI connection can also be used to connect via a DVI connection, commonly available on newer monitors and digital TVs.


There are several variants of DVI connection so it is important that your screen supports the correct type (digital DVI).  You will need a DVI-D adaptor (which does not have the analogue pins that are present on type DVI-I and DVI-A connections).


Standard Equipment

  1. Raspberry Pi (Model A or Model B)
  2. SD-Card with NOOBS or pre-loaded with an OS (http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads)
  3. Power supply (Micro USB power supply 5V @700mA or more)

Equipment for setup

  1. A TV (or screen) which has a DVI (or VGA) connection available
  2. HDMI Cable (version 1.3a or above is recommended, but will work with any HDMI cable, features of 1.4 and above aren’t supported)
  3. HDMI to DVI adaptor (or HDMI to VGA adaptor)
  4. Keyboard (and Mouse) – remember the Model A Raspberry Pi only has a single USB port

Optional Extras

  1. Analogue audio cable (if your screen has an audio line in) or powered speakers.  Digital audio is not available through VGA/DVI connections.
  2. Network Cable and home network/router (to provide internet access)
  3. Powered USB hub (helpful if you wish to connect power hungry USB devices or you need extra USB ports)


  •  Simple quick setup
  • Works directly out of the box
  • High resolution display (up to 1080p)
  • HDMI to DVI adaptors are cheap (~£2)


  • Requires a suitable screen to be available (can be a problem if only screen available is the main family TV)
  • Not portable – you still need keyboard and mouse (and power for everything).
  • Only supports analogue audio connection.
  • HDMI to VGA adaptors can cost as much as the Raspberry Pi / not always reliable (some units are not compatible)
  1. SD Solar says:

    I need to be able to see the Rpi HDMI on my laptop – without an HDMI monitor.

    • Best option is to setup X11VNC which will mirror your screen to a VNC viewer. There is no direct way to plug a HDMI device into an HDMI output you have on your laptop.

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