Recipe: 008-VNC

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008 : VNC


Recipe Files Ingredients
Tested: Raspbian

WARNING: This recipe also requires the following recipe(s) to be setup on the SD-Card:


Recipe 001-Startup


See the markdown version of this recipe on the Pi-Kitchen GitHub site see:





How to use


Following installation of the OS, run the _INSTALLONCE/ script and follow the steps to setup VNC. Use to start the VNC server.



The ingredient files should be placed in the following location on the NOOBS RECOVERY partition:




This recipe uses the following files:






You can download all the ingredient files, and extracted directly to the NOOBS SD-Card (ensuring you remove the ZIP file’s name from the directory – the files should be extracted to pi-kitchen/008-vnc).

The Recipe Files

Each recipe will use one file for each of the partitions it installs to – boot, root and data).

You will need to suitably rename or copy the content of each of the following files into your recipe files (i.e. RaspbianPiKitchen_root.txt) and place them in your os folder in the NOOBS partition (i.e. os/Raspbian).

For more information see the Pi-Kitchen: Creating Flavours guide.



#Recipe: 008-vnc

#- Add files to setup VNC (need to run manually)

../../pi-kitchen/008-vnc/_INSTALLONCE/ /home/pi/bin/_INSTALLONCE

../../pi-kitchen/008-vnc/bin/ /home/pi/bin

Enjoy baking your Raspberry Pi SD-Card fresh from the Pi-Kitchen.


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