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Whereabout Clock Workshop

Learn about how networks communicate and use your new knowledge to identify who is on your network (i.e. Who is using the network?).

Much like the Weasley family whereabouts clock (from the Harry Potter series), your Raspberry Pi will be able to show you who is at home!

We will explore how devices on your network talk to each other, how to discover what is connected to your network and how to identify particular devices. We will put it together to build an application that recognizes who is connected and use special Pi-Stop traffic lights to provide a live indication who is at home!

The workshop will be led through worksheets which will provide examples and explanations for each stage allowing the final program to be built step by step, at your own pace. To minimise the amount of typing for young coders, the program will be constructed by importing provided code and writing the main program required to pull it together.

Armed with our new knowledge now we gain visibility of all our devices on our network. We can also consider how we can now detect unknown/hidden devices and indicate them via the Pi-Stop lights. We will also explore how such information can be used to protect companies against cyber related attacks.

Download a zip file of the workshop files (as used for 17th Febuary 2018 Digimakers).

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