Hardware Used List

The hardware used in the book is listed below.

Chapter 6 – Using Python to Drive Hardware

The following 3 kits are also available as a combo pack – see the Breadboard & Components Kit (Ch6 Kit) product page for more details, or the Shop to purchase.

Mini-Breadboard Kit

The mini-breadboard kit includes all the components needed to complete several small hardware projects.  This kit is intended to provide all the parts you need to complete the following recipes from Chapter 6 of the book:

  • Controlling an LED
  • Responding to a Button
  • Controlled Shutdown Button

The mini breadboard kit includes some of the components used in Chapter 6 of my book, plus are ideal for a number of starter projects (traffic lights, RGB colour mixing, timed response challenge, memory game etc).

Pi-Hardware Directional Pad / Game Controller Kit

Used in the following sections in Chapter 6 of the book:

  • The GPIO keypad input
  • There’s more… Generating other key combinations
  • There’s more… Emulating mouse events
  • See also – Can also be used with the game examples created in Chapter 4


Pi-Hardware RGB-LED Kit

Used in the following sections in Chapter 6 of the book:

  • Multiplexed color LEDs
  • There’s more… Hardware Multiplexing
  • There’s more… Displaying random patterns
  • There’s more… Mixing multiple colors


  1. Nice Book Tim. Yes I bought one in the US. Do you combine postage of your kits?

    • Many thanks for your support. (I’ve responded via ebay just now)
      Postage is combined on my kits, it should do this automatically, or I’ll refund the additional charge.

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