Breadboard & Components Kit (Ch6 Kit)


Breadboard & Components Hobby/Education Kit for Raspberry Pi (Chapter 6 Hardware Kit)


The mini breadboard kit includes some of the components used in Chapter 6, plus idea for a number of starter projects.

The mini breadboard kit includes some of the components used in Chapter 6 of my book, plus are ideal for a number of starter projects (traffic lights, RGB colour mixing, timed response challenge, memory game etc).



For details on how to buy, prices and stock, see:

The Meltwater’s Pi Hardware Shop.

Purchase Options:

(add £4.50 for shipping outside of UK)

A: £6.99 – Mini-Breadboard Kit

B: £27.99 – Mini-Breadboard & Self-Solder Combo Kit (individual price normally £31.97)

Mini-Breadboard Kit

The mini-breadboard kit includes all the components needed to complete several small hardware projects.  This kit is intended to provide all the parts you need to complete the following recipes from my book:

  • Controlling an LED
  • Responding to a Button
  • Controlled Shutdown Button

This mini-breadboard kit contains a common set of components which most beginners to the Raspberry Pi will find exceptionally useful when getting started with using hardware on the Raspberry Pi.  This kit will also form the basis of some forthcoming tutorials and guides on the site.The mini-breadboard kit contains:

  • A mini-breadboard (170 tie-point)
  • A selection of LEDs
    • 4 large crystal clear LEDs Red, Green, Yellow and Blue
    • A mini crystal clear Red LED
    • A Common-Cathode RGB-LED
  • Mini Push Switch
  • Header Pins and Jumper Connector
  • Resistors (for LED current limiting and switch protection)
  • Breadboarding wires
  • RPi GPIO Pins to Breadboard Connector Cable

Note: Components / wires / breadboard colours may vary.

See the first steps guide for LEDs (available soon) on tips on testing LEDs and getting started!

Add a Self-Solder Combo Kit

The Mini-Breadboard & Self-Solder Combo Kit contains everything to complete all the examples in Chapter 6 of the book, including two self-solder kits (the RGB-LED and D-Pad modules used in the more advanced recipes).

Mini-Breadboard & Self-Solder Combo Kit - For everything in Chapter 6

Mini-Breadboard & Self-Solder Combo Kit – For everything in Chapter 6

The solder combo kit consists of the following items:

RGB-LED Kit B (Includes GPIO Cable)

Used in the following sections in Chapter 6 of the book:

  • Multiplexed color LEDs
  • There’s more… Hardware Multiplexing
  • There’s more… Displaying random patterns
  • There’s more… Mixing multiple colors

There are also lots of lessons already on the site for the RGB-LED kit

D-Pad / Game Controller Kit B (Includes GPIO Cable)

Used in the following sections in Chapter 6 of the book:

  • The GPIO keypad input
  • There’s more… Generating other key combinations
  • There’s more… Emulating mouse events
  • See also – Can also be used with the game examples created in Chapter 4
Both solder combo kits require some basic tools, assembly and soldering equipment (see product pages for details), full user manuals are provided for both, which includes assembly, testing and example code.
Please contact me if you have any additional questions, comments or suggestions.


Create simple hardware projects!

Create your own traffic lights, just waiting to be programmed!

Create your own traffic lights, just waiting to be programmed!

About my kits:

This kit is designed with the concept of “Learning Through Practical Thinking” at its core.  The idea is that learning is much more effective when combined with physical activity and discovery, rather than straightforward reading and repetition of cold facts.  Therefore this and future kits will be developed which encourage development of new skills and to apply them as part of practical projects.

I donate a lot of my time to the MagPi magazine (, a group which produce a magazine aimed at supporting and encouraging people to learn and develop their skills using the Raspberry Pi. 

The Raspberry Pi is a low-cost computer aimed at improving and furthering education (

The proceeds shall be used to further develop more kits and create in-depth supporting material (such as programming guides and exercises).

* General Terms:

This is purely a hobby project, designed specifically as an educational example only.  In event of component loss, or failure due to incorrect wiring or driving by voltage/current (even if within the rated limits) replacements parts will only be supplied at customer’s own cost (including postage).  It is recommended that this device is not used in a situation where it is unsupervised or likely to cause injury or damage in case of failure or fire.  No guarantee or assurances can be given that the unit will operate without failure or damage.  No liability will be accepted for damage or injury resulting from the use of this kit.  Use of this kit is entirely at your own risk.  It is recommended that the circuit output is checked with a multi-meter/voltage-meter prior to connecting to any equipment.  Components and strip-board may vary in colour and appearance, and specification.  Returns cannot be accepted on used/part used kits.


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