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Posted: January 28, 2016 in General

GPIO Zero Hero.

I thought it was time I took at GPIOZero by Ben Nuttall.  You can see my write up on my Guide to…Embracing GPIOZero.

This also includes a solution for using GPIO.BOARD (physical pin numbering) with the GPIOZero library.  The best part is that you can keep using GPIO.BCM (BCM numbering) by default and just enable GPIO.BOARD when required.  WIN-WIN-WIN!


GPIO.BOARD Physical pin number, just as it says on the tin.

Pi Zero USB-LAN Fan.

I’ve also been playing around with my PiZero.  Which still makes an excellent USB-LAN Device.  You can see the whole Pi-Kitchen process in my Using Pi-Kitchen to “bake” a Raspberry Pi Zero as a USB LAN Device video.


Smaller than a Bourbon????  Well not really (it is a super size Bourbon)


Pi-Stop to go.

Also, I’ve added some details of the Pi-Stop python module which I use in my workshops.


The Pi-Stop is plug and play!

This allows easy plug and play without the wires and hassles with pin numbers.  Just select one of the standard locations A, B, C and D (plus A+ and B+ for Model +/ RPi 2) and away you go!

A neat little HDMI screen.

I also got a nice little HDMI screen which although only being 5″ provides 800×480 resolution and a resistive touch screen.  The config will get added to the Pi-Kitchen in the next update (proto-type recipe is working well).


The screen is from Bandgood.com and was about £20 (GBP) and runs well via a standard USB power pack (surprisingly low power and includes a switch to turn off the back-light too).

It is perfect for my Pi-Kitchen testing since unlike SPI/I2C/DSI interfaces, it works well enough without extra configuration.  The additional configuration makes the display fill the screen and enable the touch screen.

This makes a Model A with keyboard a handy lightweight “kit-to-go” set-up.


That is all for now!  Enjoy.

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