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I am proud to announce the release of my latest kit, a 5 way RGB-LED test module.

RGB LED Module connected up to Rev1 Raspberry Pi ready to go!

A big thank you to those who have brought the PSU Kit, your kind support meant I was able to continue developing and create this kit.


To see more details see the main RGB-LED Kit Page

To Buy the Kit see the Shop



LM2576HVT-5V Switched Mode Power Supply Hobby/Education Kit – DC to DC suitable for Raspberry Pi or Hobby Projects


Completed assembled unit shown!

Back in stock due to popular demand


( stock 11 kits) £10.99 (Free UK Postage)

Available from eBay (meltwater2000) (Link Expires 17th March)



Introducing Raspberry Pi Hobby Project Kits


Aim of the kits:

The kits are designed with the concept of “Learning Through Practical Thinking” at its core.
The idea is that learning is much more effective when combined with physical activity and discovery, rather than straightforward reading and repetition of cold facts.  The kits will be developed which encourage development of new skills and to apply them as part of practical projects.