The book was published at the end of last week, and the eBook version are available to purchase and download immediately.

The printed version of the book are also available to order, see the site for delivery details.

Packt Publishing: Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmers

Purchase links are now available for,, Barnes & Noble, Safari and O’Reilly.


The PDF looks great on my Android tablet.

The PDF looks great on my Android tablet.

Support and additional information

I’ve added a new page TAB at the top of this site for the book.

I will add additional information about the book, a sample chapter, provide additional examples and tips, as well as include any support or information on hardware used.

If you have any queries, questions or comments on the book, then please do get in contact, I will be more than happy to help where I can.

If you enjoy the book, then be sure to let everyone know!




It is DONE! The book is complete.

Posted: April 13, 2014 in General

I am pleased to announce that I finished the last edits on the final copy of the book this week and it has been sent off to the publishers.

Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmers

First of all, I would like to thank the many people who have supported me through the creation of the book, it has been a mammoth task to undertake.  When I first started this project I had no idea how much it would take over everything to achieve it.

At various times the book has impacted on all aspects of my life, writing it while away on family holidays (even when in a tent!), times when I’ve been travelling, at family events, most evenings/weekends week in and week out.  I have been fortunate to have very supportive family, work and friends.  I am incredibly grateful for their support and understanding during this time.

However, having the book complete and being able to look back on all the topics covered, the examples and projects it includes and I wouldn’t have believed when I set out to write “A Raspberry Pi book that I would want to read” that I would be able to produce such a result.

I really hope that everyone will enjoy reading (and using) it as much as I have had writing it.


But it is there, an epic road-trip through what the Raspberry Pi represents to me, it has been an amazing journey and I look forward to hearing all about everyone elses adventures as you all take a trip through the land of Raspberry Pi on your own adventure!


Order Now!

I am told that the book will be published in April, including the printed versions.

As a bonus, it will be bigger than advertised, weighing in at a whopping over 390 pages (originally planned around 350!).


You can also get it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Safari Books, O’Reilly (see the Packt site for details).

Introducing a new series of guides…

This guide will focus on exploring the many ways in which the Raspberry Pi can be used.  In the guide I will show you some neat tricks you can keep your Raspberry Pi available to you wherever you go.


The idea for this guide occurred to me when I forgot to bring a network cable with me, and I had to look through my “bag of goodies” to determine how else I could connect and make use of the Raspberry Pi.  At the time I counted 6 other ways I could have used it.

First we will cover the basic  methods of connecting to and using the Raspberry Pi, but I will keep revealing more methods (and guides) which cover the more unusual but also exceptionally useful ways in which you can use your Raspberry Pi.

I currently have 12 ways planned (the 1st 5 are the most obvious ones), but I expect there will be more by the time I have written all the guides.

If you connect with the Raspberry Pi in an unusual way then let me know (@pihardware or via my contact info)…if I’ve not got it on my planned list I’ll be sure to mention you and add it to the list.

The book…it is coming…

Posted: March 7, 2014 in General

A very quick message about the Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmers book.

It is coming, we are working hard to get it released as soon as possible, hopefully it will be ready very soon.  It is in the final editing stage so really isn’t too far off now.

I’d like to write a longer post (and I will when I can) but I will get back to working on it!  I will say, it still is a labour of love, and I can’t wait for everyone to have a go with all the things I’ve put in there (see my previous post for a full round-up of what it covers).

It is still available pre-order:

And also from Amazon:


As always, massive thank you for the support and understanding.

Tim Cox.

My book is available for Pre-Order.

Tim Cox’s Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmers


Packt are selling the pre-order eBook version of this for just £3.05 ($5)! – that is £3.66 with UK VAT included  Note the ebook offer is now finished.

It is not available yet, as they have extended the page count to allow me to fit in another chapter.  But it should be ready early into the New Year.


Publisher has updated the release date to be March 2014.  Sorry for the delay but hopefully we can get it to you before then, with the extra content in.

This will make it even bigger than the 360 pages originally planned, making it a massive book on everything Raspberry Pi.

It will simply be amazing to share all the great stuff I’ve had fun doing while writing the book, it has been absolutely fantastic doing it all!

What is in it?

Here is a quick round up of some of the things the book includes:

Raspberry Pi Setup, NOOBs, Networking, File Sharing, Remote Access, Connecting using Wifi, Updating Software

File access, Creating Menus, Making GUI applications, Drawing on the screen, Making graphical games

Using the (very powerful) GPU, Creating 3D graphics, Create 3D environments, Build a 3D maze to explore

Controlling Hardware, Using LEDs and Buttons, Shutdown and Configuration control using hardware, Colour Multiplexing of LEDs

Using I2C, reading Analogue data, Plotting and recording data, Extending the GPIO, Sending information across the internet for remote logging

Using the Raspberry Pi Camera Module, Creating a time-lapse video, Stop-frame animation, using QR codes to read stories

Creating a Pi-Rover bot, building a Pi-Bug Hexpod, Controlling motors, Using servos, Sensing objects and obstacles, Using and calibrating electronic compass

Interfacing with USB devices, Sending and receiving  data over serial and bluetooth, Controlling remote sockets for home automation, Using SPI devices

Everything is done using Python3, with clear and detailed explanations of the how everything works so that you can adapt and use all the information in your own projects.  The book gradually introduces using Python as you progress through it and including how to structure and develop your code efficiently,  as well as ensuring that the low level detail is explained effectively so you can re-apply your new skills in your own projects.

By the end you will have a huge toolset of skills which you can apply on whatever your imagination inspires you to do.

Why this book?

I’ve been involved with the Raspberry Pi from the very start of it, and it has been an excellent journey (so far).  As a founder of the MagPi magazine, contributor of the Raspberry Pi wiki pages and active forum member along with 12 years of industry and engineering, software and electronics experience I’ve been trying out all I can with it.

Throughout, my goal has been the spreading that “Engineering Spark” to others, and the joy of creating and shaping the world around us.

The Raspberry Pi is the micro-computer from the 1980s supercharged.  If those BASIC computers got me hooked on Engineering all those years ago with their modest abilities, then there will be a whole army of new Engineers in a few years time with big ideas and exceptional skills.  For many, just like it was for me, it will be their first computer which started it all.

The book really takes everything I have found exciting and interesting with this little computer (as you can see above, that is a lot) and puts it right there for you to try too.  I hope that people will read this book and start their own Raspberry Pi journey, it has so much to offer and the book is aimed squarely at showing off what YOU can achieve with it.

Like any good cookbook, the pages should be worn and used, and it should be something which is always being pulled off the shelf to refer to and used.  Even before I have finished writing it, I was continuously referring back  and forth between the chapters, it has quickly become my own personal go-to reference.  I hope it will become yours too.

[This is a quickly written post in response to an event which occurred recently in my family.  It is my hope that by sharing this message I can prevent others from experiencing this.  I shall try to update this to be as useful as possible as time goes on.]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have swiftly passed, and Christmas is soon upon us.

Please. Do not let the internet grinches of the world spoil your or your family’s Happy Christmas.

That special gift!

I’m sure many of you out there will be buying loved ones laptops, computers, smart phones and tablets this year (or passing on your old equipment as you get new items).  While they will make a wonderful present, perhaps bringing the family closer by giving them access to Skype, Facetime, Facebook and email.

I’m sure they will be presents which will no doubt will bring them many hours of joy!

Unfortunately, there are those out there who do not subscribe to the “Season of Goodwill to all Men [and Women]“ ethos and franky will stoop to any low to swindle your loved ones out of money for their own gains.  Often, the damage is not the money involved (which can be several hundred pounds) but more the psychological effect of finding out they have been conned.  This can be very upsetting to those involved, and often is a huge violation into their perceived personal safety.  Much like being burgled, the items can be replaced but the thought that someone has done it remains.

Often gifts of computers and tablets will be for family members who may have never used the internet before, they may even be young and inexperienced, or older and not technologically confident.  While you are most likely clued up on the pitfalls and dangers of the internet, the people you are introducing to this world may not be.  So when you give them the device, make sure you also pass on plenty of advice with it.

Remember it is likely by giving your loved ones a computer that they will not want to “hassle you” or appear stupid, they will want to be independent so they may not ask when they are unsure.

Unfortunately this makes them prime targets for these people.

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Texy’s Mini TFT Screen

Posted: November 29, 2013 in General

I don’t often have time to write product reviews, but I simply can’t help but share the really great stuff:

I can categorically say that Texy’s TFT Touch Screen and Kit is another one of those things which I can’t help but share!

[Click on the pictures to see additional detail]

Texy’s TFT Touch Screen Kit:

Texy’s TFT Touch Screen and Kit itself comes in 2 forms, just the PCB and Display or with an additional perspex case to fit it all inside.

Text Screen installed and running

Text Screen installed and running

The very smart and practical case with screen

The very smart and practical case with screen

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